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  Klimt Counselling 

Counselling is a safe and confidential space where a client can speak to an understanding and non-judgemental figure. The counsellor has genuine interest and respect for the client's experiences, valuing the client as an individual and acknowledging that their feelings are real and personal to them. The counsellor aims to facilitate exploration of the client's feelings in a sensitive way.

When a person comes to counselling, the counsellor may discuss with them what they would like to gain from counselling. These goals can often change throughout the work too. 

At the end of an initial session, if the client agrees that they would like to start working with the counsellor, they will mutually arrange a regular time for the sessions to take place. If a counsellor works open-endedly, it means that there is no set time limit for the work to be completed, but the work may be reviewed regularly.


People vary in the duration of counselling too. Whilst one client may want to come for a short time, another may feel they need more long-term work to really explore deep-rooted difficulties. Again, it is entirely based on the individual's needs and no judgement is placed on these.


When it does feel appropriate for the work to end, the counsellor seeks to facilitate this in a sensitive and containing way.


I adhere to the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy guidelines and am a registered member.



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